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Peter Albrecht, Geschäftsführer

Boston Scientific Technologie Zentrum GmbH


Perchtinger Strasse 6
81379 München

Tel: +49 89.323.504.0
Fax: +49 89.323.504.615
Branche: Industrie-Medizintechnik

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Boston Scientific Technologie Zentrum GmbH (BSTZ) goal is to scout,
filter and leverage promising innovative and early stage European Bio
Medical technologies
enabling and accelerating time to market via efficient and effective
technology developments by acting as:

• Door-openers for partnership opportunities in Europe (EU)
• European scouts for enabling technologies
• Facilitating Cross-divisional technology applications

Generalists, both on engineering & management level
• Lean, fast and actively adaptive group
• Small, focused and non-distracted
• Entrepreneurial

Global/Regional network and knowledge sourcing
• Idea management process
• Strengthen BSC’s scientific and engineering credentials across
healthcare sector in expanding and economically fast growing European

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