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Until a few weeks ago, we had identified digitization, mobility, care for our planet and globalization as the most relevant drivers of transformation. Compared to the Covid 19 virus, they have so far only worked incrementally. CORONA TRANSFORMS DISRUPTIVELY. And all of us, who have been involved with INNOVATION for as long as Munich Network feel: this is our hour. It's up to us now.

Munich Network News to all Munich Networker2020-03-26T15:27:23+01:00

Leseempfehlung: DIGITAL BUSINESS CLOUD “Startup Radar”

"Wie finden Unternehmen die zu ihrem Geschäftsmodell, ihrer Organisation, ihren Zielen und ihrer Kultur passenden Start-ups?" ist die zentrale Frage der kürzlich erschienenen Titel-Story im Fachmagazin DIGITAL BUSINESS CLOUD.

Leseempfehlung: DIGITAL BUSINESS CLOUD “Startup Radar”2020-03-26T16:36:15+01:00
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