About Munich Network

With a broad-based backbone and decades of experience in innovation, technology and industry, Munich Network is a tech industry driven private and independent nonprofit organization for promoting collaborative innovation. Munich Network members mostly are leading technology corporations from Germany and abroad, as well as research institutions, investors, consulting firms NGO´s and entrepreneurs. In addition, Munich Network is personally and directly connected with many of the most important technology centers in Germany, in Europe and internationally.

Munich Network links different groups in the innovation ecosystem by connecting parties in search of innovation (‘innovation consumer’) with parties that offer groundbreaking solutions (‘innovation provider’) and parties who enhance innovation (‘innovation enabler’). Munich Network’s role is that of an ‘Innovation Catalyst’ that accelerates innovation by networking and bringing together these worldwide relevant players who otherwise might not discover each other.

We are the Innovation Catalyst

We accelerate innovation by networking and bringing together worldwide relevant players. Players who otherwise might not discover each other. Acting as a nonprofit organization we are independent and neutral. Our focus is exclusively on helping all players within the Innovation Game. Regardless of your innovation role, please come and join us! With our help, you will certainly benefit from increased speed and dynamic interaction.

We highly appreciate doing our daily Tech Industry and Startup matchmaking business based on our two highest valuable assets. Our main member stakeholder group unifies the best brands of the technology industry from Germany and abroad. And we have longstanding connections to many of the most important technology centers here in Germany, in Europe and overseas.


Innovation Scouting & Sourcing

Turnkey service for sourcing, qualification and matchmaking with international tech startups either exclusively or in a joint project with other industry players.

Innovation Networking Events

Meeting point for all innovation networkers. We created different event formats for the informal peer-to-peer exchange within our community of corporate industry members to gain best practice and insights on how to collaborate successfully with startups in order to developing sustainable growth.

Innovation Peer Meetings

Exclusive round table for Innovation Managers to exchange in a trustful environment, share their experiences, perspectives on current challenges and lessons learned in Innovation Management.