Management Team

Curt Winnen

Curt Winnen is General Manager of Munich Network since May 1996.
In his veins entrepreneur’s blood flows. His senses are directed to innovation. And Curt appreciates his privileged experience that emerged in 22 years from his close relationship with the innovation leaders of the German tech industry.
With cognizance of the many challenges confronting German technology companies and considering their particular risk profiles, Curt has steadily developed and built up the business-oriented offerings and services of Munich Network.
Based on the main member stakeholder group of Munich Network that unifies the best brands of the technology industry from Germany and abroad today and the global startup network developed over many years, Curt positioned the Munich Network as one of the most important matchmakers by networking and bringing together worldwide relevant players who otherwise might not discover each other.
Before joining Munich Network Curt was CEO and Chairman of a family owned textile Company. Curt is attorney since 1981. He studied law at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich and received his law degree in 1981. Curt is married and father of three adult children.

Sophie Heugenhauser is Media & Communications Manager at Munich Network. She takes care of all communication activities and provides you with the latest updates through our communication channels. Sophie has a bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications and a master’s degree in Communications Management. Through previous positions, she was able to gain experience primarily in content management, editorial writing and internal communications.

Vera Mauermann has been working for Munich Network since June 2010 in different roles. Starting as Project Manager in the Innovation Scouting & Sourcing Service building up our scouting activities and a business angel network she rejoined the team after parental leave being responsible for Sponsorship Sales and our European Start-up Awards.
Vera is your contact person for national and international partnerships with innovation clusters, accelerators, incubators, governmental institutions in short innovation enablers with contact to best in class startups worldwide.
Vera has a background in international Cultural and Business Studies.
Shruti Odedra is your contact person regarding operations, accounting and membership management. Through previous work experiences in the field of administration and management, Shruti has developed the skills of foresight, thinking critically and offering solutions to problems with professionalism and confidentiality.
Johannes Sterzinger

Johannes Sterzinger is your contact person regarding Innovation Scouting & Sourcing. Having a background in Industrial Engineering and currently doing his Master’s degree in Applied & Engineering Physics at TUM, Johannes is perfectly informed about recent developments in Science & Technology. He is up-to date regarding emerging technologies and can therefore analyse startups profoundly with respect to their possible future potential.