Thank you very much to all our excellent speakers on stage, to our moderator Dr. Thomas Clark, to the innovation award jury, to all our startups presenting their great innovations and to the fantastic audience for making the Digital Energy Innovation Forum 2018 such a successful event! And last but not least:

Congratulations to Verv, the winner of the Digital Energy Innovation Award 2018!

We are pleased that 43 startups from 13 different countries – Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Slowakia, Spain and Czech Republic – have applied. They provide unique solutions that shape the digital energy transition and offer solutions for challenges like Mastery of Complexity, Reduction of Transaction Costs and Convenience/User Friendliness based on the latest technologies in Simulation Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cyber Security.

These are the startups, nominated by a jury, who pitched their innovations live on stage and showcased their solution in the Innovation Fair at the Digital Energy Innovation Forum 2018:

3megawatt GmbH
München, Deutschland

BEAD Technology
Berlin Deutschland

Disruptive Technologies Research AS
Blomsterdalen, Norwegen

Enmacc GmbH
München, Deutschland

München, Deutschland

München, Deutschland GmbH
Frankfurt a.M., Deutschland

Solandeo GmbH
Berlin, Deutschland

Spherity GmbH
Berlin, Deutschland

Verv Energy
London, UK