Audi Electronics Venture, a fully owned Audi subsidiary, and its affiliated companies are looking for partnering with highly ambitious innovation providers that aim at starting a collaboration with the AEV family and becoming a relevant player in the automotive industry worldwide.

On that background we would like to encourage companies with outstanding solutions matching our technology focus areas to apply for the Audi Technology Partnering. The most promising candidates selected by a Steering Committee are invited to benefit from a dedicated matchmaking to discuss collaboration opportunities one-on-one with Audi decision makers. This is your springboard to team up with Audi to shape the future of mobility.

Applications will be accepted until June 10th, 2018

Audi Electronics Venture is seeking for partnerships with companies that provide smart and outstanding technologies in the following fields of application:

  • Monitoring inside the vehicle cabin, localization of persons and objects, measuring and recording of vital parameters based on sensor technology such as camera 2D/3D, radar, lidar ultrasound and algorithms
  • Monitoring of the vehicle environment (outside car), localization of persons and objects,
    intention recognition based on sensor technology and sensor data fusion as well as algorithms
  • Creation of ground truth labels (bounding boxes, semantics) of the vehicle environment based on image data (camera sensors) with the highest degree of automation within the process of labeling
  • Generation of training data by fusion of synthetic and real data.  As well as real data and other categories of real data for semi-synthetic data referring to the vehicle environment

For further information about collaboration opportunities, focus areas, participation requirements and the application process, please visit: