on Wednesday, June 6th
at Ludwig Bölkow Campus, Munich/Taufkirchen

What it is about

Autonomous driving is only the beginning of an evolution of how we will move and move goods from A to B in the future. And it does not require far-seeing visions to concretize three-dimensional multi-modular traffic and logistics possibilities. Required techniques and technologies have already reached a high degree of maturity. Almost every day we are surprised by new mobility concepts. Nevertheless, there are still many unanswered questions.

The Forum deals with autonomous traffic and logistics in several dimensions – on the Road, on Rail, at Sea, in the Air and in Space – because we assume that exchange between the actors could result in high value to each of them.

Who it is for

This Forum brings together all Eco-System Players of autonomous traffic and logistics like OEM´s, Tier Suppliers, The ‘New Kids on the Block’, Traffic & Logistics Service, Technology, Mobile Operators & Connectivity, Infrastructure & Network, Database, Content & Application, Security & Safety, Quality, Certification Bodies, Insurers, Legal Services, Regulation Bodies, Private and Public Investors and Applied R&D.

Corporates: Learn about technologies and business models pushing the autonomous traffic and logistics industry. Share your perspectives and insights and meet outstanding innovators in autonomous traffic and logistics.

Startups: Apply and have the chance to attend, pitch, and exhibit.

Investors: Discover highly-promising startups pushing the traffic and logistics industry.

Immerse yourself in an inspiring program with lots of highlights which helps you to throw light on the forum´s key issues from plenty different perspectives!

For more information about the program, the outstanding personalities on stage and the event registration please visit: www.autonomous-traffic-logistics.com