Realize your ideas and solutions at Brose. The family-owned company continues to set standards with innovative mechatronic systems and components. That is why they are always looking for new solutions that increase driving comfort, safety and efficiency. Brose is offering the most promising start-ups a platform to set a collaboration at

Brose Technology Partnering

December 6th and 7th, 2018 in Bamberg, Germany

Brose is looking for unique solutions in different areas. Take a closer look at the technology needs and find out, if your company is a good fit.

Sensor Solutions

Monitoring the inside of the vehicle cabin: Localization, identification and classification of persons and objects; measuring and recording of vital parameters

Monitoring the close environment of the car: Localization, identification and classification of persons and objects; recognition of biometric characteristics

Intelligent Quality and Plausibility Check

Automatic pattern & anomaly detection algorithms to data coming out of simulation processes. Especially automated and intelligent text-mining based solutions for consistency tests that can accelerate the check of large data sets coming from multiple sources. This includes the automated adaptation of rule sets.

Clean Car Interior

Detection, identification and classification of level of dirtiness, hygiene materials, textiles or substances

At the Brose Technology Partnering, Brose is offering partnerships to join forces in the development of new products and services.

Are you interested? Please open the following link for more information on the event and how to be a good fit and apply directly by filling in the application form.

Submissions are now open until September 23, 2018.

Looking forward to seeing you in Bamberg!