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Best of UK Cyber in Munich

Pitching Session der besten Cybertech-Firmen aus UK mit anschließenden B2B Meetings
Am 28. Januar 2020, 08:00 bis 13:00 Uhr, bei Rohde & Schwarz, Mühldorfstraße 15, 81671 München


Von 8 bis 13 Uhr treffen, hören, sehen und erleben Sie die 15 besten, von einer Industrie-Jury sorgfältig ausgewählten Cyber Security Startups / Unternehmen aus UK.

Lernen Sie die Vertreter dieser Unternehmen im persönlichen Gespräch kennen und werden Sie Teil eines einmaligen Cyber-Ökosystems, bestehend aus relevanten Unternehmern, britischen Eliteuniversitäten und Vertretern des GCHQ, einem der weltweit herausragendsten Geheimdienste.

Treffen Sie die Top 15 der ausgewählten UK Cybertech-Firmen!

Diese stellen ihre innovativen Lösungen in Kurz-Pitches vor. Anschließend gibt es die Gelegenheit sich in B2B Meetings zu Innovationssuchfeldern und potenziellen Kooperationsmöglichkeiten auszutauschen.

Wir freuen uns auf die Pitches folgender Companies:

Angoka Ltd. provides hardware solutions for managing cybersecurity risks inherent in M2M communication networks such as those used for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Industry 4.0 Smart Homes and Critical Infrastructure.

Assuria Ltd. offers a Cyber Security Monitoring Software (i.e. SIEM, FIM and VA) plus fully integrated Multi-Tenant SOC Management Platform. The solution is designed to be easily extended to monitor cyber security in OT and ICS systems and vehicles.

Crypta Labs is a quantum cybersecurity company which develops IP, hardware and related software to secure data and communication devices embedded in critical infrastructure e.g. aerospace, defense, transport and medical.

Critical Blue developed a SaaS solution that authenticates that *only* genuine mobile app instances can access your API, thus reducing fraud, fake account creation, credential stuffing, data scraping and breach risks.

Cyber Smart automates the implementation of information security standards such as Cyber Essentials or IASME GDPR, PCI, etc. The technology developed is used by government and industry to monitor supply chain assurance.

Darktrace Ltd. offers an Autonomous Response technology called Darktrace Antigena, that uses Cyber AI to calculate the best action to take, in the shortest period of time, to respond to a cyber-attack.

Digital Shadows provides a solution – Digital Shadows SearchLight™ – that helps you minimize digital risks by detecting data loss, securing your online brand, and reducing your attack surface.

Endace Europe Ltd. provides 100% accurate Network Recording, while simultaneously hosting your choice of security and performance analytics applications.

Garrison enables organisations to interact safely with the internet. They produce a highly unique ultra-secure web browsing solution based on Hardsec technology alongside their patented Garrison SAVI technology.

Miracl Technologies Ltd. replaces passwords with highly secure, single step, multi-factor authentication for desktop and mobile. No hardware requirements and no second steps such as SMS texts or authenticator apps required.

oneclick Platform UK Ltd. is a platform for the automated provisioning of digital workspaces in the data centres of infrastructure-as-a-service providers and can be connected to on-premises for secure integration of legacy applications.

Quadible introduces the future of authentication; an AI-platform that continuously authenticates your users, without the need of any active user engagement, by learning their behavioural patterns.

Risk Ledger is a platform that enables enterprises to collect security assurance data over their supply chain efficiently and effectively, whilst helping your suppliers and third parties become more secure.

Trustonic‘s mobile app protection solutions secure critical apps for banks, fintechs, payment providers, cryptocurrency platforms, automotive manufacturers, mobile network operators and government bodies.

UltraSoC embeds analytics & ML into semiconductors to protect any electronic system. Identifying threats from hardware (“bare metal security”), responding to attacks quickly & very hard for an attacker to detect / subvert.



08:00 Uhr         Registrierung

08:30 Uhr         Welcome

08:45 Uhr         Introduction German Corporates

09:05 Uhr         First batch of UK Pitches

09:50 Uhr         Coffee Break

10:10 Uhr         Second batch of UK Pitches

11:00 Uhr         Matchmaking


Exklusiv – nur innovative UK-Firmen und Industrievertreter

Ihre Teilnahme ist kostenlos – No Show kostet! 

Ihre Teilnahme ist kostenlos.

Für Ihr Fernbleiben nach vorausgegangener Anmeldung erheben wir allerdings eine No Show-Gebühr in Höhe von 150,00 EUR, wenn Sie Ihre Teilnahme nicht spätestens 3 Tage vor der Veranstaltung storniert haben. Durch Ihre Anmeldung erklären Sie sich mit dieser Regelung einverstanden.



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