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Digtal Energy Innovation Forum

Sector Coupling


November 16th, 2017
at Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
Hansastraße 27 c, 80686 München


Electricity, heat and mobility must meet together. This is the core of the SECTOR COUPLING and the prerequisite for climate neutrality. Technically, many say, this is no problem. But the costs are still too high and the political framework is a hindrance.

In order to achieve EU targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions,

  •  a steady expansion of renewable energies,
  •  a continuous increase in the efficiency and at least
  •  the coupling of the sectors electricity, heat and mobility

is indispenable.


SECTOR COUPLING presents particular challenges for all ecosystem players involved:

  •  mastery of complexity,
  •  the reduction of transaction costs and
  •  the user friendliness.

At the same time, these challenges offer enormous potential for innovation. And the latest technologies can be the drivers for this innovation. It is about simulation, sensor technology, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and cyber security.

This describes the topic areas of this year’s DIGITAL ENERGY INNOVATION FORUM.


Das DIGITAL ENERGY INNOVATION FORUM is aimed in particular at entrepreneurs and decision-makers from all the energy sectors concerned.

For them the objectives we’re following are

  • the urgency of transforming the energy industry by linking the sectors of electricity, heat and mobility of services and business models in the face of new and changed customer needs driven by digitization;
  • provide and share experiences and learning outcomes from already advanced projects;
  • open up approaches that can overcome the challenges of mastering complexity, reducing transaction costs and ease of use.

Also we welcome to the DIGITAL ENERGY INNOVATION FORUM the best start-ups in Europe and Israel with their latest innovation.


Last but not least investors and representatives of applied R&D should not miss this Innovation Forum.


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