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on October 24th, 2018
from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm
at the IBM Watson IoT Center, Munich


Artificial Intelligence seems to be in almost every technology headline these days. Is it a hype, is it only for early adopters or is it real?

TÜV SÜD, together with IBM Watson IoT and Munich Network will present examples of real value add cases and real industrial applications and all that combined with the best and brightest EU Startups focusing on AI.

“Let’s put AI to work” will present innovation providers, like IBM and strong AI Startups with innovation consumers and global players in different industrial fields, all focusing on AI and its benefits to industry. TÜV SÜD will bring in the element of TRUST to make sure AI will be applied in a safe and secure way, adding true benefit to society and commerce.

Main topics will be:

  • Business and AI,
  • Data fueling AI,
  • AI for Safety and Security and
  • Understanding AI.

With real examples on image and signal processing, text analysis extracting knowledge, IoT data processing for prediction and monitoring, smart elderly care, and many more.

During the event we will hear from world experts how AI is applied in industrial settings today. In roundtable discussions and workshops, we will try to build a better understanding of what to really expect from AI solutions today and tomorrow and how to implement it successfully in your own daily work.

The entire day you will have the opportunity to see and hear 15 top startups from all over Europe and Israel, all focusing on AI. They will present their business cases in short and to the point presentations during the main event and provide a deeper insight into their AI solutions in our Innovation Marketplace, each with their own booth and hands-on demonstrations.

We welcome you to a prime opportunity seeing AI innovations hitting the road and becoming reality adding real value.

“Let’s put AI to work” is your chance to get calibrated on what is possible with AI today and what you can get out of it. You get to meet real players and winners in the game of AI.


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We are looking forward to seeing you!

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