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Quantum Computing and its Threat to Security

Migrating to Quantum-Safe Security Solutions

on Tuesday, October 22nd 2019
from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
at innovationswerk
Munich Network, Rosenheimer Str. 145 i, Munich

The event will be held in English.

What is it about:

High-performance supercomputers are in use today for the calculation of very complex problems of all kinds. But even some of the fastest in the world can not solve some complex challenges.
Governments in China, Europe and North America are advancing the field of quantum computing with multi-billion dollar programs, as well as huge commercial investment from tech giants such as Google, IBM and Microsoft. Leading venture capital and private equity funds compete for rapid investments in significant sizes. The international race in quantum computing has begun.
• What is quantum computing and what makes it different from the computers we use today?
• At what stage of development is quantum computing and who are the main actors?
• What are the positive applications and benefits for industries such as automotive, critical infrastructure and 5G networks?
• How can small / medium businesses benefit from quantum computers?

We are delighted to welcome cybersecurity expert Sinisha Patkovic from Waterloo, Canada-based ISARA Corporation as our keynote speaker

Sinisha Patkovic is a Senior Executive at ISARA Corporation who is dedicated to working closely with Government and Fortune 500 organization Leaders, Boards and IT Executives on Cyber Governance and Resilience. He has deep-sector knowledge of enterprise security, privacy, and IT, as well as IoT and Edge Computing technologies. Mr. Patkovic is CISSP-ISSAP certified, he has a Masters degree in Technology Governance from the Solvay School of Economics, and is a graduate of the General Management Program at Harvard Business School.

In addition, we welcome a representative of utimaco from Aachen, a global provider of professional IT security solutions. He presents a case study from the utimaco-ISARA partnership.

From Munich we welcome Dr. Stefan Birner, Managing Director of nextnano GmbH, Poing b. Munich.

Dr. Stefan Birner is Founder and Managing Director of nextnano GmbH, a company that develops software for the simulation of electronic and optoelectronic semiconductor nanodevices. The software puts its focus on the quantum mechanical properties of nanostructure layers only a few atomic layers thin. Some of their customers use it to design qubits. Recently, nextnano received a research grant to develop electronic flying qubits. Stefan holds a Master of Physics degree from the University of Exeter and a PhD in Physics from the Technische Universität München where he worked at the Walter Schottky Institute in the field of Theoretical Semiconductor Physics.

With these experts we will explore the following questions this TecEve:

• What threat does quantum computing pose to cyber security?
• And what options do we currently have to migrate to quantum-safe security solutions?


05:30 pm       Registration

06:00 pm       Welcome and moderated participant intro

06:20 pm        Lectures, case study, field report

07:30 pm        Open discussion

08:00 pm        Networking with drinks

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