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Roche Diagnostics GmbH


Nonnenwald 2
82377 Penzberg

Tel: +49 8856 60-0
Fax: +49-8856-60-3896

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Over 100 years, Roche has played a pioneering role in healthcare and is the world's leading supplier of prescription drugs for cancer treatment and in-vitro diagnostics. Roche invests heavily into research and development of novel drugs and diagnostics products. The own research activities are complemented with numerous cooperations worldwide. With personalized healthcare in focus, new discoveries are taken into account for the development and production of medicinal products that are tailored to the needs of specific patient groups.
In Penzberg, Bavaria, Roche operates one of Europe's largest biotechnology companies. The Diagnostics and Pharma Divisions employ over 4 500 people here to research, develop and manufacture products for medical and research testing as well as drugs for the treatment of anemias, breast cancer and hepatitis. Furthermore, the Penzberg site is the Roche Center of Excellence for therapeutic protein R&D including monoclonal antibodies.

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