Dear Munich Networker,

Until a few weeks ago, we had identified digitization, mobility, care for our planet and globalization as the most relevant drivers of transformation. Compared to the Covid 19 virus, they have so far only worked incrementally


And all of us, who have been involved with INNOVATION for as long as Munich Network feel: this is our hour. It’s up to us now.

Together with our members, we have successfully mastered the change after ‘Dotcom’ in 2000, the one initiated with ‘9/11’ and the change after ‘2008’. Ultimately, we emerged stronger from this and were able to work with our members on our central topic INNOVATION in formats and projects that were better and better tailored to their needs.

It is the Munich Network DNA, developed over more than 35 years history, to shape CHANGE with INNOVATION. We have COMPLETELY revised our 2020 programme. Please follow the updates in our event calendar in the following days.

We are focusing our valuable resources on what now seems important to us: orientation, courage and safety. From 15 April we will be appearing with refreshing, exciting and contemporary formats. In them we will discuss, illuminate and debate with you the new, current issues of INNOVATION.

Get involved today. Write down your topics, questions, suggestions and inspirations. Do you have an idea with which Munich Networkers you would like to exchange ideas?

Then please send me an e-mail to

I am looking forward to it.

Protect your loved ones and stay healthy.

Best regards
Curt Winnen