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Innovation Scouting & Sourcing

Turnkey service for sourcing, qualification and matchmaking with tech ventures. Tailored for established technology corporations, our service finds the best-in-class innovation providers to exactly meet your innovation demands.

Membership Value

Munich Network offerings provide a unique set of values to all players of the Innovation Game – individually and collectively. These values deliver significant benefits for each player.

Innovation Networking Events

Meeting places for all innovation networkers. WakeUp!, LunchBriefing, TecEve and Special Interest Groups are creative formats designed to make networking easy and valuable for all innovation players.

Innovation Forum

Meeting point, conference, and Europe’s startup exhibition for Tech-Industry executives and experts, startup entrepreneurs, R&D teams, and investors sharing their experiences, perspectives and strategies alongside an interactive and inspiring program.


Aeromaritime Systembau GmbH
AGIC Group
Audi AG
Baltech AG
baramundi Software AG
Baiersdorf AG
Brainloop AG
Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG
collaboration Factory AG
coneva GmbH
Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner GmbH
Emperra GmbH
Equinix GmbH
Evonik Venture Capital GmbH
Fraunhofer Energie
Fraunhofer ISE
Fraunhofer Venture
Giesecke & Devrient
GKM Gesellschaft für Therapieforschung mbH
Hawe Hydraulik SE
Hirschvogel Automotive Group
Infineon Technologies AG
Inheco Industrial Heating & Cooling GmbH
Knorr Bremse
Koppermann Computersysteme GmbH
Lacon Electronic GmbH
Lauterbach GmbH
Linde AG
Linova Software GmbH
LM Audit und Tax GmbH
Max Aicher GmbH & Co. KG
Menlo Systems GmbH
MTU Aero Engines AG
nextnano GmbH
Pinsent Masons Germany LLP
Primus Delphi Group
Rheinmetall Automotive GmbH
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
Roche Diagnostics GmbH
Saxonia Systems AG
Scaleup by Masterhouse
Siemens AG
SpaceNet AG
Spinner GmbH
Techpilot - DynamicMarkets GmbH
TomTec Imaging Systems GmbH
tracekey solutions GmbH
Trumpf GmbH + Co. KG
Uniscon GmbH
Zühlke Engineering GmbH




Innovation Consumers are typically large enterprises interested in acquiring innovation elements from technology startups in order to complement and extend their in-house innovations and bring competitive products and services to market.

Munich Network Value

  • Easy matchmaking and face-to-face access with the most relevant innovative technology startups from around the world.
  • Filtering, categorization, and qualification of relevant startups.
  • Turnkey scouting and sourcing of most relevant Innovation Providers from around the world.

Innovation Consumer Benefit

  • Increased ease and competitiveness in bringing innovative products/services faster to market.
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Innovation Providers are startups with focus on creating breakthrough technology innovations using new technologies and providing disruptive solutions to large enterprises (Innovation Consumers).

Munich Network Value

  • Excellent platform to present their breakthrough innovations to potential Innovation Consumers and Innovation Enablers. Great opportunity for recognition and awards.
  • Face-to-face direct contact with decision makers at large enterprises and investors.
  • Expert coaching on effective articulation of their business and technology to potential Innovation Consumers and Innovation Enablers.

Innovation Provider Benefit

  • Platform for presentation and a direct business dialog with relevant Innovation
  • Consumers interested in your innovative product/service, and with Innovation
  • Enablers interested in offering venture investments and support services.
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Innovation Enablers are Venture Investors, Institutions, Governments, and Experts who help Innovation Providers to succeed by providing financial, technical or entrepreneurial support.

Munich Network Value

  • Easy matchmaking and face-to-face access with the most relevant innovative technology startups.
  • Highlighting their company and expert services to their target audience via sponsorships.
  • Networking within the community of Innovation Consumers and Innovation Providers.

Innovation Enabler Benefit

A neutral platform providing an easy access to qualified and categorized innovative startups in order to understand their product/service business models and their needs for investment and expert services

Innovation Enthusiasts are businesspeople who are very interested in the latest innovative developments, their industrial applications, and evolving new business models. They are often associated with Innovation Providers, Consumers or Enablers.

Munich Network Value

  • Network with innovation game players as a part of the innovation community with top tier innovative startups and large enterprises.
  • Understand evolving new business models and strategies of the players involved.
  • Learn from experts via workshops, presentations, and interactions on how to achieve business success in the field of technology innovation.

Innovation Enthusiast Benefit

  • Stay up to date on what is happening in technology innovation and evolving new business models and interact with the top innovation game players.

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