Whatever your innovation role, please come and join us! You will certainly benefit from increased speed and dynamic interaction.

In detail:

Innovation Networking Events

Meeting places for all innovation networkers. WakeUp!, LunchBriefing, TecEve_145i and Special Interest Groups are creative formats designed to make networking easy and valuable for all innovation players.

Innovation Forum

Meeting point, conference and Europe´s Startup exhibition for Tech-Industry executives and experts, Startup entrepreneurs, R&D teams, and investors sharing their experiences, perspectives and strategies alongside an interactive and inspiring program.

Innovator Skills Training

Workshops and seminars. Entrepreneurs and business leaders conduct training on the management skills that are so essential for successful business innovation.

Innovation Scouting & Sourcing PREMIUM

Turnkey service for sourcing, qualification and matchmaking with tech ventures. Tailored for established technology corporations, our service finds the best-in-class innovation providers to exactly meet your innovation demands.

Innovation Platform

Proprietary qualified database, maintained in a secure portal. Our database contains deal flow with carefully selected innovative startups. It provides unique, categorized insights into the best-in-class innovative Startups available for cooperation.

Innovation Sponsorship

Position your brand in the spotlight of innovation. We offer members and partners opportunities to highlight their excellence and to position them within our communication network, thereby gaining access to new customers, innovation partners and extraordinary talents.